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Proven Synthetic Turf Golf Mats and Driving Range Solutions

Practice on the synthetic golf greens used by PGA players and teaching professionals. Our golf practice mats can be found in many of the top golf clubs, courses and practice facilities.  Your products will ship directly from the manufacturer so you're getting the highest quality and paying less.


Golf Practice Mats

Designed and manufactured for golf, our golf practice mats and golf driving range mats are made with the ideal material to deliver the feel of real grass while providing you with durability. These custom designed golf practice mats are ideal for commercial applications or backyard use. When you order from us, we deliver your purchase directly from the manufacturer so you get the best value and price.          

Golf Turf - Practice Mats

Our long, dense fiber system improves your golf practice experience with its forgiving hitting surface and ability to hold a wooden tee. Other golf mats are often made from recycled materials and do not perform or last like our mat. When it comes to practicing golf, the right surface can make all the difference.

These golf practice mats have a face weight of 162 ounces per square yard, measure 5'X 5' and are manufactured with enough material that a foam backing is not required for impact protection or durability. However, backing is still offered if you choose. The polypropylene and nylon blend allows for a fuller fiber and softer feel through impact.

Since a foam backing is not required for performance and durability, you save money. These mats are manufactured by STI™ in the United States with premium American-made fibers. Our three types of mats include:

5’ x 5’ Golf Mat with Urethane Backing
Shipping Weight: 162 oz per square yard
Total Cost: $289.00
Shipping and Handling: $45.00
5’ x 5’ Golf Mat with Foam Backing
Shipping Weight: 162 oz per square yard
Total Cost: $349.00
Shipping and Handling: $45.00



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