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Stellar Tee Lines Manufactured With Hybrid Turf for Durability and Performance

PerformX Golf synthetic tee lines deliver the consistent performance you need to practice shots and improve your game.  Please contact us additional information and pricing.

Tee Lines

Our innovative technology is also available in tee lines. Tee lines are ideal for driving ranges and practice areas. They are reliable in all climates, easily installed directly on concrete or over a compacted stone base. Their durability makes them a favorite for golf hitting mats. Our advancements in tee line turf technology allow you to install a tee line that closely resembles a natural grass tee box with golf hitting mats.

Please contact us for special pricing. Tee lines are manufactured in both 12' and 15’ rolls and can be installed over concrete or a compacted aggregate base. Additional benefits of our tee lines and golf hitting mats include:

• Holds a Real Tee • Divot Feel with No Bounce • Drain Easily


Golf Range - Tee Lines

Contact us to learn more about our quality tee lines and golf training equipment.